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Video of Windows 7 On Screen Keyboard

I’ve spent part of today making this video demonstrating the new features of the Windows 7 on-screen keyboard. Try to ignore the mystery mouse cursor floating around the middle of screen.

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Windows 7 to include improved on-screen keyboard

Windows 7 OSKHurray! The up-coming new version of Windows (Windows 7) will include an improved version of the existing, free on-screen keyboard found in Windows XP. I haven’t personally seen it yet but I have heard that it is now:

  • Completely resizable
  • Has a ‘refreshed’ modern look
  • Has built-in prediction
  • Supports switch scanning access

If anyone has a beta copy of Windows 7 then I’d appreciate some feedback on the new Windows 7 OSK. When I get my copy I’ll be sure to update this post

Apparently the new Windows 7 operating system is expected to ship before Christmas 2009. What’s more it’ll run on most computers that are currently capable of running Windows Vista and possibly even a little faster.

DOSKEdit: Just thought I’d quickly add that it is possible to resize the Windows XP on-screen keyboard using my free little utility that will also dock it up against any program to avoid overlapping.

Download DOSK for free!

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Converting Inspiration mind maps to Word Documents

I use Inspiration all the time to plan and write my essays, and so do many of the students I work with. However since you can’t hand in an Inspiration mind map to your lecturer you’re going to need to convert it to a presentable format.

I have just added a new step-by-step guide that takes you through the process of transferring your essay from Inspiration 8 to Word 2007 and then formatting it into a beautifully presented and readable document!

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